UNICA Facade

A modern open-joint profile cladding

UNICA facades are water repellent. The encapsulated layer protects the WPC core. It is a waterproof barrier against moisture penetration.

In addition, the trapezoidal profile prevents water stagnation. Even when placed horizontally, rainwater drains away.

Our unique encapsulation technology offers a 20-year warranty for moisture resistance, resistance to insect infestation, and most importantly, no fading/discoloration.

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20 years warranty

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Fachada Teka


Fachada Gris Oscuro

Antique Gray

Product details



60% wood flour +40% recycled HDPE

modulus of elasticity
5.7 Gpa – 660mm wheelbase
Artificial aging test
NF EN 15534-1 +A1
Weight per meter

2.59kg/linear meter


Expansion coefficient
Thermal conductivity
0,19738 W/mK (CE EN14041)

Flexible force
39.96 Mpa – wheelbase 660 mm
Moisture content
0,22% (EN322)

Brinell hardness
8,2 N/mm2 (EN15534)

Moisture absorption

Fire resistant
Test: EN ISO 11925-2
EN 13501-1 + A1
D – s1, d0

A facade profile that is quick and easy to install

The UNICA FACADE profile has a high impact resistance due to various reinforcements.

Like other profiles the UNICA facade profiles are mounted with colored screws or with a stainless steel screw that is screwed into the spring. It is also equipped with ribs on the back of the profiles to ensure ventilation between the support and the façade. This air circulation is intended solely for subfloor ventilation. The UNICA profiles themselves are waterproof and rain resistant

20 year color guarantee

All woods and even many first generation WPC products tend to discolor and lose their original color over time. Even wood that has been oiled at the factory can rarely be guaranteed for more than 5 years.

UNICA profiles are covered with a thin layer of UV resistant co-extrusion material that protects the panels from water and sun damage.

Your UNICA facade will retain its original color for many years. This is proven by our artificial UV aging tests and our many years of experience in the field of roofing.

A modern and open overall impression

Wooden facades are becoming more and more popular. Vertically placed diamond-shaped profiles with small joints give the façade a great impression. The installation of this type of profile is usually time consuming and requires very stable types of wood.

The UNICA FACADE with its diamond look can be quickly installed horizontally or vertically. The 60mm wide slats are evenly spaced 10mm apart. They are light and easy to install, but also very strong with our mounting system.

Ideal for external insulation

Insulating our buildings is a challenge to reduce our carbon footprint.

The diamond-shaped profile of the WEO UNICA facade in combination with an insulating layer offers an insulating solution that is very close to wood as a material.

Therefore, UNICA is fully compatible with external insulation (ITE) and can be adapted to any insulation system. UNICA facades are suitable for renovations, extensions, single-family houses, apartment buildings and public buildings.

UNICA cladding is more durable than wood facades. Above all, it requires much less maintenance. It is the ideal product for areas most exposed to the elements (humidity, sun, etc.).

A vibrant, wood-like color

The texture of the UNICA facade is like a living material. It consists of a set of micro-reliefs and notches that give it a penetration of light similar to that of natural wood. The product gives the impression of natural fibers on the surface.

In addition, the colors are not homogeneous. They are made up of several multicolored pigments that are randomly mixed to reproduce the grain of a wooden board.

The comparison with natural wood is striking. But that’s where the comparison ends, because UNICA facade profiles are insensitive to light and UV fading. The original and intense color is guaranteed permanently.

The composition of the material with a high percentage of sawdust combined with polyethylene gives it a sound and processing behavior very similar to that of wood compared to many other polymers on the market.

95% recycled

UNICA FACADE is made from a mixture of sawdust (60%) and high-density polyethylene (40%). The polymer used to manufacture UNICA facades is made up of 95% recycled products and is 100% recyclable. Plastics come from landfills that recycle plastic bottles. The sawdust comes from the recycling of waste from the wood industry (furniture manufacturers).

Without toxic products, UNICA facades are totally healthy for the users’ environment. No risk of VOC emissions. No risk of VOC emissions.

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