Easy and quick to install, discreet and removable

The UNICA pro clip is a matte black dual-material fastener that prevents light reflections. Thanks to its stainless steel hooks on the underside, the UNICA pro clip effectively maintains your deck boards against the joist.

Quick installation

No need for clamps, vices or board spacers. The UNICA pro clip reduces the building time of your deck by at least 30%, compared to a screwed installation.

Only a single screw is necessary per clip. Thanks to its self-drilling screw, just a simple end piece (included) is necessary to fasten the UNICA fastener onto the joist.


Clip: Stainless Steel 304 (A2) + Polyamide (Nylon)

Screws: Stainless Steel 410 (C1)

4.5mm (width) x 30mm (length) Hardened 410 Stainless Steel Screws

Stainless steel plate thickness: 1.5mm
90 clips
9 pre-embedded screws
1 Torx bit
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Quick installation

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Good stability

download 2 1

Quick installation

download 6

Good stability

Cobra HYBRID detalles

Product details

Tear resistance

Our design office patented this “Hybrid” clip model made with two complementary materials in order to benefit from their intrinsic characteristics. The UNICA pro clip and its screw ensure rust-free resistance to extreme temperatures, insects, detergents, chlorine, frost and moisture.

Resistance to stripping varies depending on the joist type:

· 320 kg on exotic wood joists

· 135 kg on softwood joists

· 205 kg on aluminium joists

Be careful with projects in “polluted” environments. Regarding projects less than 50 m from a coastline or in confined or poorly ventilated spaces or in a constant saline atmosphere, please consult us.

clip pour lambourde aluminium et bois

A clip for Wood and Aluminium joists

The UNICA pro clip is universal. It screws on all your joists, whether made of wood or aluminium, thanks to an ultra-effective screw. A unique clip designed for all deck projects.

Hooks are made of 304-grade stainless steel. This austenitic stainless steel is currently being used as tools. To guarantee clip hardness and to ensure good maintenance of the plated board against the joist, while reducing board expansion.

Composition of the Hybrid clip

The pre-integrated screw is made of 410-grade hardened stainless steel. Metal alloy used for wood screws, turbines, pumps and cutlery.

The base is made of polyamide, otherwise called Nylon. It is often found in the automotive industry, industrial mechanical parts and the photovoltaic industry because of its resistance to wear. We also chose this semi-crystalline thermoplastic for several reasons. In fact, beyond its excellent mechanical and thermal resistance, it possesses a low friction coefficient, good electrical insulation and high damping capacity.

vue de profil
clip de fin et de depart

Optional: Start and end clip

The Start/End clip may be used as a complement to avoid any apparent traces of screws on the deck. Otherwise, it is possible to use UNICA coloured-head, stainless steel screws.


The UNICA pro clip enables simplified installation of your deck boards The clip and the screw are already assembled, and they only need to be screwed in to your aluminium or wooden joist. Quick clip-on for considerable time savings!

installation cobra hybrid

A removable structure

A special end piece with an elongated head is screwed in (or unscrewed) between two boards and is provided in the trim. This offers a significant advantage when replacing a defective board or accessing cables under your decking without having to remove the entire assembly.


1 – You unscrew the clips

2 – You remove clips on the ends

demontage2 1

3 – You remove the old board

4 – You install the new board

demontage3 1

5 – You put the clips back

6 – You screw in the new board